Happy Valentine's Day!


Band of Sisters - It’s been five years! Can you believe it?

Five years ago, inspired by a “call” to one woman, a small group began to envision a “band of sisters,” a community where people of faith, especially women, could learn and grow spiritually while sharing their faith experiences of following Christ.



Band of Sisters began with a yearlong monthly series of “tea parties”, days of reflection in celebration of saintly women.  Since that time, we have continued to offer days of reflection and opportunities to serve others.

In our early days, we dreamed of offering a three-day retreat and the Spirit led the way to the development of our fall mountain retreat. How blessed we all are, each one of us who gathers as “Band of Sisters”!

While we continue to explore offerings that we trust provide an opportunity to grow spiritually, we, the core team, have also grown in our understanding of the importance of the bond among all the “sisters”.


We pondered: how can we best be in conversation with our “sisters”?  To that end, we have streamlined and updated our website to provide a virtual link among the sisters as a place to share conversation and a place to provide easy access to Band of Sisters news, resources, events and registrations.

We will continue communicate by email (bandofsistersraleigh@gmail.com) and will still post on our Facebook page (Band of Sisters Raleigh). Both are now connected to our website.

So - you can expect to hear from us regularly, in this our fifth anniversary year, and we hope to hear from you! We anticipate celebrating a world of love with you.

Accept our refreshed website (bandofsistersraleigh.com) as our Valentine to you, our beloved sisters!