10 Delicious Pies for Pi Day - Just for fun

lemon pie.jpeg

We took the top 10 from Food and Wine’s list of 31 pies for Pi Day. Click here for their entire list.

1. Caramel Cream Pie with Crispy Rice Topping

Humble ingredients like puffed rice cereal (transformed into a brilliant topping) and graham crackers (crushed with hazelnuts to yield a tender crust) are the core of this surprisingly luxe dessert.

2. Puff Pastry Apple Pie

Since puff pastry can be tricky to prepare, this version uses a high-quality, store-bought puff pastry.

3. Lemon Ice Box Pie

You’ll love this lemony, silken, frozen pie and its sweet graham cracker crust.

4. Creamy Peanut Butter Pie

This delicious whipped-cream-topped peanut butter pie offers the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavors.

5. Chilled Grapefruit-Caramel Meringue Pie

In one cold, creamy dessert, layer pink grapefruit curd in a crunchy graham-cracker crust with caramel sauce and a delicate topping of fluffy meringue.

6. Key Lime Pie with Chocolate Almond Crust

Crumbly chocolate almond crust brings this traditional key lime pie to a whole new level.

7. French Silk Pie

A thin layer of rich ganache prevents the chocolate filling from making the crust here soggy. If you don’t want to make your own pie crust, simply use a 9-inch graham cracker crust.

8. Bourbon-Pecan Pie

A supereasy press-in crust means you don't even need a rolling pin for this amazing pecan pie.

9. Mountain Rose Apple Pie

Rebecca Masson of Houston’s Fluff Bake Bar tops her dense and delicious apple pie with a thick layer of crisp, buttery crumble.

10. Salted Caramel Pie

For this easy caramel pie, the filling is sweetened condensed milk sprinkled lightly with sea salt and baked until thick and gooey, then chilled in a simple graham cracker crust.