Remembering when...


Posted from Cindy FitzGerald

The Band of Sisters is celebrating five years together. Throughout this fifth year of being in the Band, we will be taking a backward glance at some of our previous gatherings - so we might remember and celebrate the many graces that have marked our time together.

In 2016 and 2017, we gathered during the season of Lent to learn to write pysanky. A pysanka (singular of pysanky) is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs using a wax-resist method. The word pysanka comes from the verb pysaty, which means "to write" or "to inscribe", as the designs are not painted on, but written (inscribed) with beeswax. The wax is applied layer by layer as the egg moves through several dye baths - going from lightest colors to darkest. After all of the steps for the design elements and colors are completed, the beeswax is then removed - revealing the beautiful design that was protected beneath the wax.

We met at Avila in February of 2016. Perhaps you were there - and still have your beautiful pysanka egg as a reminder…

Or maybe you joined us the time we met at St. Andrews in March of 2017. Here are some of the eggs from that time of prayer…can you spot yours?


Perhaps you have continued to make pysanky since taking the class. If you have pictures, please share. We want to post them on the website! Send your pictures to

If you are curious about how Ukrainian Easter eggs are made, here is a short video showing the various steps in the process.

The slide show below will also let you see the many steps…at a slower pace than the video. Click the arrows to the left and right of the slides to advance to the next shot or return to a previous picture - all at your own pace…