Remembering when...

Posted from Ann O’Hara

The Band of Sisters is celebrating five years together. Throughout this fifth year of being in the Band, are taking a backward glance at some of our previous gatherings - so we might remember and celebrate the many graces that have marked our time together. This is our second post in the series - about our time with the labyrinth.


Back in the spring of 2017 the Band held a labyrinth walk as a gift to all of the faithful women who had been journeying with us.  Now, after three years of annual labyrinth walks, you might have to say it has entered into the realm of being a tradition – an established practice of the Band that really embodies who we are.

Our mission statement says it all: “The Band of Sisters is a group of women dedicated to providing opportunities for people of faith, especially women, to gather in a prayerful setting in order to learn about and share their experiences of faith.”

In the labyrinth, we find that expression of who we are when we gather in a beautiful prayerful setting, individually walk with God to deepen our relationship, and communally share that journey of faith.

Back in the 2017, we were looking for a prayer practice during the season of Lent - a prayer practice that moved us inward to reflect on our life with God, to rest in God, and then to move us back out into the world. The labyrinth seemed perfect. And so for two years we walked during the season of Lent - indoors at the labyrinth at Pullen Baptist Church where the labyrinth path is set into the warm colored wooden floor. This beautiful chapel allowed for quiet reflection.

This year, as we moved the date of the walk into the Easter season, we also moved the walk outdoors - to the Millbrook Baptist labyrinth where we were surrounded with the beauty of new life - blue skies, green trees and plants, the smell of flowers, and the song of the birds.

Traditions can get old if they aren’t allowed to grow a bit. We invite you to grow this tradition with us as we move our labyrinth walk from a yearly gathering to a monthly prayer practice.  Simply come to Millbrook Baptist Church on Millbrook Rd, Raleigh on the fourth Thursday of each month at 9:30 where you will find us - a gathering of the Band. You can also check our calendar for the upcoming dates and details by clicking here and scrolling to the May 23 date.

New to the Labyrinth?– check out this short video on walking narrated by Lauren Artress, the woman who is credited with re-introducing the labyrinth in modern times.